Story so far

the party was put in an arena with one tiger but screwed around too much and had to deal with a second one. when they won they got sold to the army to clean out the sewers and unblock them. they went in and saw a romeo and juilet scene and got the lay of the land. they then went in and was attacked by 6 lizardmen. they crushed them. as they were being looted they experienced an earthquake the lowered the light level by one and caused some things to collapse. they then split up. the druid and the melee ranger encountered a spider that they proceeded to tame it. the rouge and the ranged ranger meet a merlock and croc. they lead the m back to the spider group. they all take some damage and the spider scares the croc group off. the other group consisting of the fighter and cleric as well as the engineer npc meet a merlock pirate.



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