The first of many camps

the fighter coud de gras the mage and they loot the body. they go back to camp. they sell loot, gather information and prepare for dungeon delving into the hole. they learn of a possible bandit assault on a fort but were unable to get details. they also learn who was backing the two factions. the Deathwatch Cult backed the lizardmen and the white sky pirates backed the Merlocs. the rouge gets into trouble, again, but the ranger was able to pull of the heist. the fighter and cleric recognise troble and request and are given prisoner rings for the other 3. the city council wants the hole dealt with and cleaned up. they set off into the hole and find that it is actually a enterance to a secret base. the cleric somehow released a crazy wizard dude that unpetrifys the guardian monks that respond to the intruders. one teleports off but the other jumps down to defend. they try to calm him but it ends when he goes into a trance and the gunslinger shoots him. thee monk is a brutal fighter destroying the gunslinger in a couple hits but eventually getting knocked down by the fighter. the party advances forward but falls literally into a trap. the fighter and gunslinger fall into it first but they get out. the rouge tries to jump over it but completely fails, falling into it. the ranger does the same thing but hits a wall of glass on the other side and falls down as well. the gunslinger shoots the wall down and jumps across. the cleric tries to grab the fighter and glide across but fails and falls in. the party climb out of the acid but when they try to rest an annoying murdurous halfling appears. they stomp upon the would be assassin and tie her up and throw her in the sack



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