Party out of sorts

the party found itself split up at the opening but quickly killed the croc with a satisfying spider chomp. the Fighter and the Cleric were struggling against the burly merloc pirate when the rest of the party came down. the rouge however forgot his stealthy escapades through the wires and set them of bringing down a shower of bricks upon his head. they kill the merloc pirate with a dagger to the throat as the rouge rejoins the party and delivers the killing blow. the adventurers continue their adventure and come across the merloc with the croc talking with someone down the hall. they charge him only to be confronted with the terrifying 5-headed hydra! unfortunately the hydra couldn’t seem to hit the nimble dwarf and missed most of his shots. it was a pathetic boss fight. they open the pipe that they seem to be guarding and continue along to the other side. they come across a wall that seems to have been built so they have the bright idea to knock it down. on the other side waiting for them, is the Lizardman chief and a human sorcerer. its a tough fight that ends with the party opening up the pipe to shove the magic missile storming mage away so they can finish of the warrior. in the process the spider takes some punishment and is dying. the Fighter charges after the mage, who had tripped his own trap along with the reinforcements that had been coming.



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