GM (class)

Role: the GM makes all the rest of the game possible. without him the world would collapse.

Alignment: any

Hit die: GM’s hit die is equal to his Thought Counter.

Class Skills: the GM cannot take additional skill ranks but can use his thought counter instead for skill checks. All skills are considered trained for him.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A GM is proficient with all simple, martial and exotic weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).

A GM has +1 for all levels on BAB and Saving throws. He may consider all attacks and spells to be an automatically confirmed Critical and all saving throws as 1 more that required to pass. in addition the AC of the Gm is 1 + what was rolled to hit.

  1. Thought counter, can’t touch this, I AM A GOD!,
  2. it’s a bird it’s a plane, twelve trials,
  3. aura of stupidity, well connected
  4. You didn’t see anything,
  5. creative mode, Balder incarnate

Thought Counter: a Gm’s thought counter is equal to his intelligence score plus his thought counter. at any time he would use his thought counter for something, he may lower it to any value between his 0 and his maximum thought counter.

Can’t touch this: The GM is considered to have Invulnerability active at all times except it includes spells with levels equal to his though counter. in addition he cannot be the target of unfriendly abilities. permanent Area of Effect Spells (area of silence, darkness) do not effect the Gm.

I AM A GOD!: a Gm may modify any NPC roll that he wishes, making the roll instead equal to his thought counter.

It’s a bird it’s a plane: a Gm may create any being he wishes a number of times per day equal to his thought counter.

Twelve Trials: a Gm loses all feats that he has but becomes treated as if he had all feats and their variations. he also gains all languages.

Aura of stupidity: Anyone wishing to attack the Gm must make a will save equal to the Gm’s thought Counter or immediately cease the action and be stuck dumb for a number of days equal to the Gm’s thought counter. the Gm may dismiss the effects of this ability as a free action with a successful DC 20 diplomacy check.

Well connected: a Gm may cast All spells and all spells that the gm are considered to be affected by any and all applicable meta-magic feats. in addition the Gm may use any and all class features from any and all classes including prestige classes even if he does not meet the prerequisites. at 4th lvl, he may also bypass any and all spell penetrations, damage reductions or resistances, and immunities and can make any spell do any type of damage. all damage and saves are made equal to his Thought counter instead.

You didn’t see anything: a Gm may, at any time, appear as anything he desires for a number of rounds per day equal to his thought counter.

Creative mode: Anything a GM wishes for happens. This functions similar to Wish except it has no limit. this surpasses anything else.

Balder incarnate: the World realizes how important the Gm is and will bend and alter reality to protect him. no creature can harm him attempt to harm him or even think about harming him. this includes mistletoe. the Gm may also extend any or all of his abilities to any NPC he chooses. he does not lose the abilities himself. the recipiants thought counter is equal to the Gms

GM (class)

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