Master Nukem

  1. Aiming is for wusses, Explode,
  2. Save the Infantry!, Ultimate Destiny,
  3. Save? What Save?,
  4. Echoes of pain,
  5. Spell infusion,

Aiming is for wusses: you no longer need line of sight to choose a target square. it must have a way to get there though.

Explode: usable equal to masters class lvl acts as fireball but does 1d6/lvl (max 15d6)

Save the Infantry!: you may now make a will save( DC 10+2/target) to not have an explosion affect certain targets.

Ultimate Destiny: you can use 1 use of Explode to empower an AOE spell without raising the Spell lvl. at 4th lvl you can expend 1 use to change the type of damage and and add 1d6/2lvls(max 8d6) to the damage. you can only expend 1 point per spell.

Save? What Save?: any AOE spell that saves for half now has 2 saves. at 4th lvl you may add 1/2 your caster lvl to the DC. at 5th lvl all AOE spells you cast act as if they were empowered. this does not increase the spell lvl.

Echoes of Pain: any damage spell you cast causes half damage to within 20ft. this does not count as AOE for the purposes of this class. at 5th lvl this is full damage reflex half.

Spell infusion: All non damage spells now do damage equal to 1d6/master nukem class lvl.
All damage spells now have a dazzle effect (spell lvl 4) that blinds for 1d4+class lvl rounds

Master Nukem

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